Sunday, February 6, 2011


I have been extremely busy for the past couple weeks planning a fabulous baby shower for my sister. She is due in about a month and I am very excited for my little nephew to arrive!

The shower was yesterday and it went great! I made a cute (and tasty) cake that was inspired by the decor she picked for the nursery.

Lambs and Ivy - Jake Nursery decor

My cake - White cake with raspberry filling and not too sweet frosting and gumpaste animals on top

In addition to the actual cake I also made a diaper cake. That was quite a chore! I had never attempted such a thing before but I was happy with the result :)


My true love affair of this event were the favors <3 I saw something similar online and decided to make them myself! In Photoshop I designed the box and then printed them out on light blue card stock. I then folded them up, glued them, added the oven door (which are made of plastic sheet protectors cut up), placed a little cinnamon bun soap care of SunBasilGarden on Etsy inside each one, and finished them off with a chocolate brown satin ribbon. This took hours to do but everyone loved them and they were adorable!

The games at this shower were also very special to me! We played Baby Animal Bingo that I made cards for. I called of the name of an animal's baby, i.e. cygnet, and they marked of the picture of the adult animal on their card which for cygnet would have been the picture of a swan :) It took some time to make the 30+ cards (since I had to rearrange the images on each one) but it was fun and a little harder than playing traditional bingo. If you want to try this game at your shower let me know as I have lots of cards made and I can send you the jpgs to print :)

My favorite game was Who's Your Daddy?! I photoshopped images of babies to include a feature from my sister Jessica and 2 facial features from a famous actor. The guests then had to identify who was the celebrity father of each baby. I put all the images on an SD card and showed them to the guests on the TV via the Wii. It worked flawlessly and provided a lot of laughter and fun as some of those babies were very silly looking! Haha This game was definitely the highlight of the party!

The babies!

The sheets that guests filled in :)

All in all it was a great day and I am sure that everyone had a wonderful time! Next time you plan a baby shower try out one or two of these ideas :)


  1. soooo sweet <3

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  2. Love how the cake mimics the bed sheets :)

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  3. i love the little bun in the oven soaps!!!! so cute!

  4. OMG..I love the who's your daddy game. What it difficult to photoshop all of that? My husband has photoshop as he is a photographer, but I know nothing about it. Would it be hard for me to do?

    1. It would take some time if you aren't familiar with the program but I am sure you could do it with a little bit of hubby's assistance and maybe some youtube tutorial videos.

  5. I totally loved all of these ideas. Thanks a ton for sharing all of these details. Keep posting such details here. I also would be hosting a chic bash at one of the local rental spaces for parties. The theme is not decided yet but I am sure that it will be a sports or a jungle themed party.